One Line and Four Mines Location City:

Ecological restoration and regeneration of a historic mining district near Beijing

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Key Info

Restoration and rejuvenation of the mines, railways, stations and 12 towns and villages
Masterplan concept stage

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A competition-winning masterplan

An important 99km2 regeneration project across a historic 185km long coal mining route, including 12 linked towns and villages, on the eastern side of Mentougou District. It is the nearest ecological conservation zone to the city centre of Beijing, just 30km away. As the border between the city and nature, it combines a bustling ambience and great natural beauty.

A rich history

For over one thousand years, since the Liao and Jin dynasties, the Western Hills mountain range has nurtured a unique culture with rich underground coal resources. 1923 saw the official construction of the Mentougou-Datai section of the Beijing-Mentougou Railway, which brought a steady supply flow of coal to the city and resulted in a century of prosperous history. September 2020 saw the closure of the last mine, leaving damaged habitats and disintegrated community relations.

Regenerating damaged habitat and communities

The first stage is for the landscape to be repaired and regenerated to provide a beautiful ecological environment. For disaster-prone areas, restoration is carried out by constructing ecological berms and irrigation and grass communities. Horizontal ditches are used to intercept water and improve plant communities to reduce soil erosion. The design proposes strategies such as sewage interception at the foot of the mountain, pond purification, follow-up greening with pioneering plants and preservation of natural succession. The current flat fields and terraces are upgraded by returning farmland to forest, improving quality and reducing carbon. With a combination of strategies, the mines will be rejuvenated and returned to nature.

Creating vibrant new communities in the mountain landscape

As the first tourism station on the mine line, Mentougou Station will have a unique 'green first' concept. As a gathering place for Mentougou cuisine, the Jiuyuan Village Station is in an ecological reserve. Wangping Station is in the mining area with the best-preserved industrial heritage and the entrance for the first of the four mines. Shaishufen Station is based on green and natural rural living; a technological agricultural utopia. The Luopoling Railway Station area is incredibly scenic, creating a retreat for urban dwellers from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Data Mine zone will become a dynamic extreme sports town. Relying on natural resources, a tranquil ecological environment for wellness could be created in the Muchengjian community.

The regenerated mines will become part of a breath-taking landscape; a picturesque place for people living and working, to help them discover their spiritual path.

Yichun Xu

Associate Director, 上海

Yichun joined Chapman Taylor in 2018 and is a key member of the studio’s masterplanning team. Among the major projects on which she has worked are the Beixingjing masterplan for Shanghai, the Xiangyang Mixed-Use District, Future Hotel in Chongqing, the Xili Hub Area in Shenzhen and the Sanya Baopo Cultural and Sports District in Hainan.

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