Wenzhou Eastern New Town Location City: Wenzhou, China

A major new station and regenerated city core next to Wenzhou Airport.

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Masterplanning, Mixed Use, Transportation
Wenzhou District Government


Key Info

TOD for seven modes of transportation, including aviation, high-speed rail, metro, intercity, waterway transportation, a BRT system and regular public transport, around which a number of interlinked, mixed-use centres will grow.
6,500 hectares
Masterplan concept stage

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A transport-orientated eco-city masterplan

This transport-orientated masterplan for Wenzhou Eastern New Town creates a new eco-city with residential, leisure, retail, cultural and industrial areas strategically placed according to 15-Minute Living principles. The three-dimensional and comprehensive design integrates at least seven modes of transportation, including aviation, high-speed rail, metro, intercity, waterway transportation, a BRT system and regular public transport, around which a number of interlinked centres will grow. The design’s “Super Link” concept provides for fast travel between the city’s airport and the high-speed railway station, helping to create excellent connections between Wenzhou and other regional and global cities.

Providing the basis for better connections and economic growth

The existing local industrial sector has great potential for growth but requires better links with the core area of Daluo Mountain area. The masterplan seeks to rectify this by better connecting different industries, accelerating the construction of Daluo Mountain Super Ring Linkage and driving the development of the East New City. The proposals envisage industrial, logistics and R&D facilities coalescing around the core air transportation sector, boosting demand for Longwan Airport’s services.

A Sponge City landscape

The masterplan adopts Sponge City principles, making use of the current waterway system while constructing a hydrological “Super Link” to effectively connect potential water storage spaces such as ponds, wetlands and lower lands so that water can be quickly drained in the flood season and stored in the dry season. A multi-level landscape “Super Link” is formed, extending the central green landscape around the Yongqiang River into the main open space of the city and forming an urban green habitat covering the whole area. Each curve of the nine-curved water link contains a city sharing place, with a collection of eight city groups. By connecting the dense network of people-friendly streets and alleys, the high-speed railway station is fully integrated within the city fabric.

Integrating existing and new road links

Based on existing, high-quality roads such as Airport Avenue and Yongqiang Avenue, the external traffic is integrated into the regional network, seamlessly connecting with the internal public transportation system. The road layout creates a vehicle and pedestrian-friendly “Super Link”.

Cultural and artistic renewal

Longwan waterway has been the basis of the Ou River culture for thousands of years. By connecting Siqian Street, Ning Village, Yongchang Bao, Olympic Park, the Government District, Huangshi Mountain, Daluo Mountain, East Wenzhou Railway Station and other important areas, the masterplan creates a cultural “Super Link” that respects the past while focusing on the future. The masterplan places a particular focus on the cultural renewal of Wenzhou’s artistic community, providing spaces in which local art and culture can flourish, including an art and business hub around the railway station.

Chapman Taylor created this transport-orientated masterplan for Wenzhou Eastern New Town for Wenzhou District Government.

Yichun Xu (M.U.P.)

Associate Director, Shanghai

Graduating from the University of Michigan (Postgraduate) and Nanjing University (Undergraduate), Yichun has 4 years of experience working in New York, and 3 years of experience working in China, before joining Chapman Taylor in 2018.

As an expert in the Chinese market, she has worked on a wide range of design projects including largescale masterplans, urban design projects, tourism planning, station design, landscape design and architecture projects.

Areas of expertise:

Masterplanning / Urban Design / Project Management

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