Chapman Taylor's design concept for Huzhou Wuxing Young City in China

Chapman Taylor prepared a concept proposal for the Huzhou Wuxing Young City project in China. The mixed-use development, set in the picturesque landscapes of Huzhou, aims to create a vibrant and culturally rich environment, blending traditional elements with modern functionality.

The project, situated in the New Youth City of Wuxing District, is poised to become a hub of liveability, business, and tourism, epitomising youthful vitality. The design encompasses a retail street covering 40,000m2, a community centre spanning 30,000m2, and a 15,000m2 hotel.

Rooted in the natural beauty of Huzhou and the region's architectural heritage, the design draws inspiration from the Taihu Lake, incorporating mountains and rivers as thematic elements. The Lougang culture of Huzhou plays a pivotal role in the design, with waterfront settlements responding harmoniously to the surroundings.

The project's focal point is the youth vitality axis, a central trunk connecting various plots and enhancing spatial connectivity through three-dimensional interconnections. The western plot, dedicated to commercial and hotel spaces, pays homage to Lougang's lifestyle. It seamlessly blends traditional and modern architectural forms, creating waterfront commerce and a hotel boasting breathtaking landscape views.

On the eastern plot, envisioned as the neighbourhood’s commercial centre, the design takes inspiration from the natural scenery of clouds and mountains, interpreting the beauty of Yunxi Mountain Stream. The architectural form adopts a flowing organic design, mirroring the fluidity of nature. This integration of free-flowing spatial forms and natural ecological landscapes creates a green valley space, harmonising with the surrounding waterfront wetlands and vibrant flower fields.

The core of the venue is the urban green ridge on the central axis which creates a natural ecological experience space. This design philosophy aims to offer residents and tourists a unique blend of leisure, shopping, and a connection with the natural environment.

Our design concept for Huzhou Wuxing Young City stands as a testament to our commitment to create spaces that seamlessly integrate cultural heritage, natural landscapes, and modern functionality. As the project progresses, it is poised to redefine the landscape of Huzhou and become a beacon of innovative urban design in China.

Johnny Jiang (MArch MDA (Master of Design Arts))

Director, Shanghai and Beijing

Johnny has considerable experience in architectural design in both Germany and China and has led many important, large-scale urban design projects, including both architectural and interior design.

He plays a leading role in some of the Shanghai studio’s most significant urban design projects, and is skilled at combining innovative concepts with the requirements of China's market and the local context. Johnny’s leadership during the construction process, and his strict control of project quality, have been widely praised by clients and partners.

Johnny joined Chapman Taylor’s Shanghai studio as a Director in November 2018.

Areas of expertise:

Architecture / Interior Design / Urban Design / Masterplanning / Mixed-use

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