Chapman Taylor wins design competition to revamp Shanghai Metro Depot

Chapman Taylor has won a competition to redesign the Dongjing Road Metro depot in Shanghai, China.

The winning concept for the Dongjing Road Depot at the end of the Chongming Line prioritises seamlessly blending the surrounding area's architectural styles with modern sustainability best practices. It incorporates energy-saving features while delivering an aesthetically pleasing design.

The project strongly emphasises environmental sustainability, aiming to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Our design incorporates a zigzag-shaped roof optimised for collecting solar power, a key feature that contributes significantly to these goals. Additionally, the roof design incorporates long and short slopes, allowing for the installation of solar panels and skylights to bring in natural light.

The revamp extends the administrative and residential buildings for staff. Here, the design maximises usable space through public areas and landscaping improvements. The rooftop space is transformed by adding sunshade canopies and raising parapets, creating a more usable area.

Residential building

The facade design uses low-saturation materials to complement the depot's overall aesthetic. It also prioritises maximising natural light through large windows, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and energy consumption.

In the depot's northern area, warehouses and a fire station are interconnected by open landscapes, forming a cohesive whole. The landscaping prioritises a natural aesthetic, low maintenance costs, and environmental sustainability. This is achieved through a combination of various plants and a well-considered layout that softens the linear form of the metro tracks.

Multi-use office building

The design incorporates a park area featuring preserved ancient trees at the site's southeast corner. This space fosters a sense of enclosure and serves as a scenic spot that integrates harmoniously with the surrounding settlements.

The design strategically positions wooden boardwalks, benches, and other elements along planned waterways on the site's western side, enhancing accessibility to the waterfront spaces within the depot area.

Our design balances functionality with aesthetics, ecological considerations, and low maintenance requirements.

Johnny Jiang (MArch MDA (Master of Design Arts))

Director, Shanghai and Beijing

Johnny has considerable experience in architectural design in both Germany and China and has led many important, large-scale urban design projects, including both architectural and interior design.

He plays a leading role in some of the Shanghai studio’s most significant urban design projects, and is skilled at combining innovative concepts with the requirements of China's market and the local context. Johnny’s leadership during the construction process, and his strict control of project quality, have been widely praised by clients and partners.

Johnny joined Chapman Taylor’s Shanghai studio as a Director in November 2018.

Areas of expertise:

Architecture / Interior Design / Urban Design / Masterplanning / Mixed-use

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