Chapman Taylor unveils stunning renovation of the Outpatient Department at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok

Chapman Taylor has unveiled the latest phase of its ambitious renovation project at Bumrungrad International Hospital, a leading healthcare institution in Bangkok. The newly completed Outpatient Department for Physical injuries offers a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics, functional design, and an emphasis on patient well-being.

Reception Area

Upon entering the hospital, visitors are greeted by an inspiring reception area that draws inspiration from the elegant contours of a blossoming flower. The incorporation of these graceful forms into the walls and reception counter creates an instant sense of tranquility and harmony. The use of artificial plants further amplifies the connection to nature, fostering a serene environment for patients and their families.

Exercise Room

The exercise room within the physical clinic boasts a unique combination of design elements that cater to both luxury and functionality. A skilful juxtaposition of wooden flooring and terrazzo divides the exercise area from the corridors, optimising patient circulation while creating a visually captivating aesthetic. The room is adorned with bronze-finished accents that curve along the space, enhancing the feeling of opulence.

Treatment Rooms

Patients undergoing therapy are enveloped in an ambiance of warmth and comfort within the treatment rooms. Wooden surfaces are tactfully integrated, emanating a sense of coziness while contributing to the overall therapeutic experience. The wallpaper graphics establish a connection with nature, enhancing the healing atmosphere.

Chapman Taylor's redesign of Bumrungrad International Hospital extends beyond the outpatient clinic. The hospital now proudly houses a renovated sports clinic and rehabilitation centre, a state-of-the-art dental clinic, a behavioral health clinic, and a collection of shared public spaces. These additions exemplify the hospital's commitment to providing comprehensive, patient-centric care in an environment that promotes healing, well-being, and innovation.

As Bumrungrad International Hospital continues to elevate the standard of healthcare and patient experience, the collaboration between the hospital and Chapman Taylor stands as a testament to how contemporary design can redefine the future of medical facilities.

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