COVID-19 - Return to work (UK)

UK Studios

Risk Assessment

Chapman Taylor has followed the UK Government’s guidelines throughout the COVID- 19 pandemic and, ahead of a phased and safe return to working in our UK studios, we have conducted a review of our premises, procedures and our staff’s requirements.

Our foremost concern is the welfare of our people. It is of the utmost importance that any return to working in our studios is carried out in a way that gives protection to our staff.

The key areas of risk have been identified as

  • Our staff’s personal situations
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Cleaning
  • Occupancy and social distancing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Meetings
  • Site visits


We have had conversations with each member of our team to assess the individual’s specific situation regarding COVID-19. We shall follow the government’s guidance as below on the advisability of returning to work.

Shielding and returning to work

The government is strongly advising people, who are ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ (those with serious underlying health conditions that put them at very high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and have been advised by the NHS through a letter) to follow shielding measures to keep themselves safe. We do not expect staff in this position to attend work until the number of weeks on the shielding letter has been reached. Thereafter, we will review with each person individually.

If a staff member lives in a household with someone who is ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ with an NHS shielding letter, we do not expect them to return to work in the studio.

If a member of staff lives with someone who is ‘clinically vulnerable’ (but not clinically extremely vulnerable), including those who are pregnant, they can attend work however we are happy to discuss individual cases where appropriate.

If a member of staff lives with a COVID-19 frontline NHS worker, they should continue to work from home for the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 Symptoms

Any member of staff with COVID-19 symptoms should not come to work and should self-isolate according to Government guidelines. Any member of staff who returns to work and who then displays symptoms of Covid-19 or seems unwell will be isolated and sent home immediately.

Similarly, staff should self-isolate if members of their household have COVID-19 symptoms.

All members of staff are required to take their temperature on arrival at the studio and will be asked to return home if they register a temperature of 37.80c or higher.


Staff will be encouraged to avoid using public transport and to walk or cycle where possible although we are aware that this will not always be feasible.

We will offer flexibility for staff using public transport to leave or arrive early to avoid the rush hour.

We are supporting the Cycle to Work Scheme for those who live within cycling distance of the studios and are happy to cycle.


All our studios have undertaken deep, disinfecting cleans which allow

Before cleaning we cleared surfaces throughout the studios to allow the optimum clean.

Once our staff are working in the studios again, the cleaning team will concentrate on sanitising cleans on the high touch areas such as door handles, kitchen cupboards and drawers, light switches etc.

We will be implementing a “clean desk” policy. Now more than ever this is vital to try to maximise the effect of cleaning.


The layout of the studios has been reviewed to maintain a 2m distance between workstations.

The key to minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19 is to keep the recommended social distancing between staff members at all times.

Daily occupancy of the studio will be closely monitored to enable social distancing to be maintained between staff members. Many members of staff will continue to work from home until the lockdown and social distancing is eased significantly.

Generally, our studios will be operating a one way in and one way out protocol at pinch points.

We are implementing a restricted numbers policy for more confined spaces such as kitchens, cloakrooms and print rooms

We will implement a “keep to the right” rule for walking in studio aisles to assist social distancing.


All staff will be asked to wash their hands and/or use sanitiser as they enter the building each day and as they enter and leave through our main doors.

We have installed automatic hand sanitisers in our UK studios at entrance points and near our kitchens and print rooms. Use of sanitisers is mandatory before using any shared equipment such as coffee machines, taps, fridges, printers, photocopiers and scanners etc.

Masks will be provided and should be worn when moving around the studio or using the communal spaces; print rooms, kitchens and meeting rooms. It will be personal choice as to whether staff wear masks whilst seated at their desks.

There will be no sharing of equipment and we will ask every member of staff to sanitise their own keyboard, headset, mouse and telephone handset at the start of each day. Disinfectant wipes will be provided.

Each member of staff who returns to the studio will use their own crockery, cutlery and drinks bottles to avoid cross-contamination.

Signage will promote personal hygiene and social distancing.


Chapman Taylor will continue to hold on-line meetings wherever possible. This method has proved to be effective during the working from home phase and we will not revert to face to face meetings unless it is absolutely essential.

Should it be necessary to hold physical meetings, occupancy of meeting rooms will be limited to a level to accommodate social distancing.

Any meeting room equipment that is used, will be disinfected immediately before and after use.


Whilst we are still in the semi-lockdown state, staff will only attend site to undertake tasks that cannot be conducted on-line (eg. site inspections).

Before attending site, we shall liaise closely with the staff member and with the site contractor and will only allow visits to proceed if a full risk assessment has been conducted for the specific site and only if the member of staff is happy to attend.

We envisage the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for several months to come and we will continue to monitor government advice as it is released and will amend, edit and update our risk assessment as necessary.


Adrian Griffiths
Main Board Director
Chapman Taylor LLP

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